A luxurious, private spa, offering the most advanced technologies to date in  non-invasive cosmetic procedures and body contouring treatments that deliver surgical-like results without the downtime of surgery. We also offer several options for rejuvenating the skin from aggressive medical grade treatments to more gentle and relaxing. All treatments are result driven. If you are having difficulty deciding which treatment is right for you, feel free to book a free consultation.

We believe that beautiful and healthy looking skin requires a proactive approach and daily commitment to caring for the skin and healthy living. Our staff will educate and help you to launch a skin care regimen and find products that work for you, and help you to achieve and maintain younger, stronger and healthier skin. Your personalized treatment begins with a thorough evaluation and health assessment with our medical aesthetic experts and includes a customized, comprehensive plan to ensure the results you see will continue for years to come. Our entire team has had extensive training, advanced courses and certification on the latest techniques and technologies of the services we offer. 

409 Monticello St.

Somerset KY 42501

409 Monticello St

Somerset, KY, 42501

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